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Sat. Dec 12th 2015
Company 1 Annual Banquet

On December 12, 2015, Company 1 held its annual banquet for the Year 2015 at the Farmville Golf Course. Chief Goss gave&...

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Sat. Jan 24th 2015
Farmville Fire hosts Multi company training

On 01/24/15 Farmville Fire hosted a multi jurisdictional training focusing on Truck and Rescue operations. Crews spent severa...

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Wed. Jan 14th 2015
Birth of Liam Lamar Evans

The Farmville Fire Department would like to congratulate Lieutenant Evans and Ruth Simpson on the birth of their first born c...

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36 entries the in Guestbook
Wed. Aug 7th 2013
Good site. Would love to see pics of new brush truck.
Sat. Dec 24th 2011
Your page is looking good! Thanks for all of your support for the #2 department in the county! Check out our page over at Hampden Sydney sometime!
Fri. Aug 26th 2011
Great job on the two fires and multiple other calls this week guys!
Mon. Jul 25th 2011
Nice page! Is it an error that this Antwann Evans guy has been a probationary firefighter for 4 years? :)
Linda Riviere
Sat. Mar 12th 2011
Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I am looking forward to coming down to see my son on April 2nd and attend the auction. Be safe.
Jenny Wood
Mon. Dec 6th 2010
Thanks for all of the help getting Wilbur out of the pool and the water back in. Mom evicted us, so the horses are living in Rice. Wilbur is improving every day, but Jimbo is having a hard time (I guess I would be too if I had been hit by a car). Time will tell.
I hope you all have a great holiday season and again, thank you for being there. Jenny
Scott J.
Sun. Nov 21st 2010
Great site! You guys stay safe!

Ladysmith Volunteer Fire Company
Fri. Nov 19th 2010
what happen to the updated web page and call volume hx. cant beleive you all have not had any calls since sept.
David Henderson
Sat. Oct 9th 2010
Just checking the web site.
rw woody
Sun. Sep 5th 2010
nice web site but miss the way the calls showed up by what units went.
Tue. Jun 1st 2010
Looking to re-write our Tabbaco use policy and found your page while doing a google search. Nice Web Page.

Chief Smith King County Fire Dist 44
Mountain View/Black Diamond Fire
Sun. May 16th 2010
Brothers and sisters, just wanted to say hello from Ridgely Md. I am a vol here in Ridgely as well as a employee of Dept of Emergency Services in Queen Anne county Md. I am a co founder of Red Knights MC MD2. It is interesting to find Vol Co. online by just typing in towns and seeing what they have. Of course I found you because It was interesting to hear there was a town actually called Farmville. Hope you continue to provide safe and successful service to your community. I also collect tshirts from companies I find if they are available. If it is at all possilble to purchase a shirt could you please contact me at Thank you
Chief Merritt
Fri. Jan 15th 2010
Thank you gentleman for all you do. Your professionalism and dedication makes me proud to be part of our department. I look forward to working with you as your new
Chief. Your support has been great and I'm humbled by it.
Fluffy/Bobby Hill
Fri. Dec 25th 2009
Hello there to all my FD Family!!!! Wishing you all a joyous and prosperous Christmas and New Years!!! Stay safe out there and have fun!!!
Thu. Jun 4th 2009
Congratulations to all of the new officers on their upcoming positions and assignments. The trust of the membership has been well-placed in your leadership, knowledge and skills. I look forward to working with all of you in the coming months. I know we will have another great year.
John R. Nixon
Thu. Mar 19th 2009
Hey guys can't thank you enough for your assistance and the fantastic training on March 15, 2009!

Thanks Again!
John R.
Ramirez "Remo" Evans, Atlanta, GA
Tue. Nov 25th 2008
Hey everyone - Just wanted to say hello to all of the firefighters, rescue personnel, deputies, police officers, and dispatchers that I used to work with and worked for during my time as a dispather at Farmville PD during the mid 90's. I cannot believe it has been 12 years since I left Farmville and relocated to Atlanta, GA. I came upon this website by accident and I have to say, it looks great! It brought back so many memories and I enjoyed working with eveyone and providing the service for the residents of Prince Edward County. I'm hoping to be home for the holidays and to see everyone. Be safe out there.
JD Richards ( Macon Fire Department)
Tue. Nov 11th 2008
I like yalls page. yall did a good job on the picture at the top. Keep up the good work!
Thu. Sep 25th 2008
Thanks for all the great work guys. Lookin' good. See you all in a week or so.
Lisa Merritt
Mon. Sep 15th 2008
Thanks for what you do guys!
Chris Steeves
Sun. Sep 14th 2008
I just wanted to comment on how professional your web site looks. Lots of good information to share with other fire depts.
Arthur Barrett
Mon. Sep 8th 2008
Just want to stop but to say thanks for all you guy do for your community. and others that are around
Danny Murphy
Thu. Aug 28th 2008
I read the editorial in the paper praising you for all that you do. Things like that cant be said ENOUGH! Do it!
T. Fox 51 C-1
Wed. Aug 27th 2008
This is a very well defined site. It is important to keep a very public image. As always, stay safe, and i can honestly say "I wont see you at the big one" Vermont ( a long mutual aid run. Take care, and keep them safe Chief McKay.
Mary Clary( Ex Dispatcher for Farmville)
Sun. Aug 3rd 2008
Hey Guys,
Looks like you are doing well , keep up the great work and pat Tim on the back every once in a while for keeping a great dept together .
Sun. Jun 15th 2008
lam member of a dept in ont canada l like your site keep up the good work and stay safe
Nathan Verser
Thu. Jun 5th 2008
I am a member of Fox Hill Vol. fire co. I had the pleasure of working @ longwood and being able to ride by your house and admire your beautiful apparatus. I'm coming back soon and hopefuly i'll have time to stop and check yall out. keep up the awesome work and be safe.
Thu. May 15th 2008
Tyler Trainum
Sun. Apr 27th 2008
Awesome web site. I have seen your department and it is nice. I will be down in Farmville this summer with Forestry at Longwood, hope to stop in to take a tour.
-Seminole Trail Fire Dept. St.8
-Charlottesville Va.
Steven ( Va. EMT)
Sun. Mar 9th 2008
The last time I was in Farmville was when I was dating a student at Longwood College in 1999. And I stopped by the station and was given a great tour. Thanks for the T-Shirt and old style Patch. As always, stay alert and alive...
36 entries the in Guestbook
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